Monday 30 June 2014

Giveaway - Free July Wallpaper!

Hey Guys! I'm back from my amazing holiday in Prague and I'm super happy with this new giveaway I managed to finish on time just for you :)

I wanted to make this one a bit more girly, with some bright colours to represent the warm month of June. And because it's always sunny on my birthday (which is going to arrive really quickly!) trendy sunglasses are needed ;)

As usual, you can find a first version here, a second one here with the pattern made of sunglasses, and the mobile version here.

Hope you like it!

Thursday 19 June 2014

Heading to Prague!

Yep, you've read the title! This weekend, me and my bearded man are jetting off to Prague for a week, and clearly, we're quite excited about it! It's been a while that we've been wanting to explore countries and cities that we've never seen before and Prague seemed perfect as a start (I have to say that with a bit more money we would have definitely gone to Italy! But hey, maybe next time).

So although I will be adding quite a few photos of our adventures on my Instagram and Twitter, I won't be blogging for the following week. I will make sure to post the next wallpaper giveaway as soon as I can once I'm back, promise!

See you soon!

Sunday 15 June 2014

Portfolio Update #6

Happy Father's day to all the dads! Although I'm not in France to celebrate with my dad, I made sure to send him a personalised card, like I did for my mum, to remind him how much I miss him :)

Because my dad has different tastes than my mum (in a way I guess it's reassuring?!) I decided to hand-draw a style of typogaphy that would represent him, using a colour palette which is more masculine than the puprle and pink I used for my mum's card. I definitely enjoyed working on this one too as it's a style of typography that I'm not really used to doing (I guess you noticed by now that my thing is more elegant flowy type!).

Feel free to have a look at the photos on my website!

Enjoy your Sunday :)

Sunday 8 June 2014

Wandering - An afternoon in Llanberis

During the bank holiday weekend, a couple of weeks ago, we decided to go to Llanberis to enjoy a bit of sun and explore some parts of the area that we'd never seen before.

On the way, we had to stop to take some photos of this amazing scenery (and my boyfriend's car, of course).

We'd booked in advance a tour of the Electric Mountain, and it was really interesting. I've never done anything like this before! Shame cameras weren't allowed inside, but you can have a look on their website if you're interested.

The Slate Museum is a great place to visit (and free!) when you're there. We already did a whole visit of the museum last year so we decided to go through it quickly and stop for ice cream (yum).

We walked up to the old hospital, and I have to say, the view of the town and the mountains from up there was breathtaking.

And finally, walking back down to the car, we stopped at a small lake that looked as if it was carved into the rocks by the miners back when the slate industry was booming in the area.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Lately on Instagram #3

One of my colleagues is getting married this weekend, so we had to do a girly lunch at work! / These beautiful flowers are everywhere at the moment / Found a cat close to the Dutch Pancake house in Conwy. Immediatly wanted to steal it! / More flowers from our garden / Pizza night! / Finally got to wear my sandals :) / My cat Pazu back in France / Little treat after a good walk / Moody Conwy on a grey afternoon

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