Friday 21 August 2015

Sea, Sun & Family

Happy Friday everyone!

I know that most of us are slowly going back to work and putting away our sun cream and flip flops, but Summer is not quite finished for me, at least not until I've seen my family for my annual summery trip to Nantes! And this time, I'm bringing Jason with me. Extra fun!

So from tomorrow, I will hopefully be enjoying the sun, the sea (I have to be in my bikini at least once a year right?!) and bien sûr, time well spent with my lovely family that I miss sooooo much. Not to mention the amazing barbecues that my dad does! I suspect that Jason is only going with me for the food, haha.

You can follow my adventures back in France on Instagram and Twitter :)

See ya!

Monday 17 August 2015

Portfolio Update - View Creative Projects

Hey guys! I thought it was about time to share with you some of the latest projects that I've worked on at View Creative! One thing is sure, I never do the same thing twice, and I've always liked the fact that I always have various design work on my plate, that require different skills and different styles. Makes work so much more interesting! And I do like to take on some challenges.

Here are some of my favourite latest projects...

Cartrefi Cymunedol's Corporate Plan was quite a fun one as it could have been another boring brochure, talking about numbers and facts, but from the beginning the client wanted a friendly and accessible feel about it. I really enjoyed creating this little town!

When I was tasked to work on the new Llangollen Eisteddfod brochure, I wasn't too sure how much I would change the style from all their previous brochures. We decided on something quite radical and I was really pleased with the result. The cover was quite a challenge for me as I've never been used to work on this kind of intricate artwork in Photoshop, but I realised quite quickly that it wasn't so difficult!

The Helfa Gelf Art Trail brochure is my personal favourite because for once, I was finally able to work on something that didn't involve illustration as the client wanted a modern, minimal style. I knew it would be an achievement for me to design it. A colleague helped with the listings as I was away in Rome but I truly enjoyed thinking about the layout of the intro pages and doing something completely different!

I'm currently working on some cool stuff in the office so I'll make sure to share them with you soon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Pinterest Addiction #14

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've shared some of my latest favourite pins, so here goes!

1. Beautiful (and a bit crazy, which is what I love about them) illustrations by Chris Silas Neal
2. These envelopes are just super cool. And the choice of colours is just perfect!
3. I love me a bit of editorial design. Even more when there are some weird patterns.
4. Well, what can I say? I simply can't resist to some amazing handmade typography. It's so interesting how every designer will add a different touch to it!
5. ... And I obviously couldn't resist to this girly one too! Huge fan of by the way.
6. After all this, a soft illustration with a seaside feel is the best way to finish this post :)

Have a great evening folks!

Thursday 6 August 2015

A Weekend in Edinburgh

As you might already know, we decided to do something special for my birthday and we planned a nice three day weekend away in Edinburgh! We set off quite early on Friday morning to make sure we would arrive around lunch time at the Guest House. The bedroom was perfect for what we needed and the location is spot on!

After having a tasty lunch at Peter's Yard, we grabbed our umbrella and ventured out around Old Town, exploring its charming tiny streets. One thing we came prepared for was the cold and wind, and even though it's July, it felt more like February to me, but I guess it's part of the Edinburgh experience :)

We pre-booked a tour at The Real Mary King's Close at the end of the afternoon, and we weren't disappointed. It was surprising to see some of the old streets of Edinburgh in the same condition as they were before and we learnt a lot about how people used to live around the 17th Century. Fascinating (and also a bit gross)!

We came out of the tour and realised that it was a wee bit sunny (Edinburgh has rubbed off on me!), so we walked back to our Guest House, stopping here and there to appreciate the scenery and take a few more photos. I particularly liked to explore the Greyfriars cemetery.

On Saturday morning, we visited the Castle (of course), and we were glad to have booked our tickets in advance because the queue was already quite big even though it just opened! I guess it's the main attraction of the city and I can understand why. There's so much to see! We couldn't stay too long, but you could definitely spend a whole day if you want to take your time and make sure you see every exhibition. I think my favourite was the old prison, but then again I really liked the Great Hall. A must see!

It stayed quite sunny during the day so we were quite happy to head to New Town by foot for lunch and stroll around the Georgian streets. We had a bit of time before heading to our next activity so we went to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery which I've heard was quite exceptional. And it was! There is quite an eclectic collection of art and the place itself is full of surprises.

Jason really wanted to do the Scotch Whisky Experience so we booked our tickets for this special treat in the afternoon! I have to say, I'm not a connoisseur of any alcohol and I didn't know anything about whisky, but I actually found it really interesting. Plus, you get to try a bit of whisky at the end, and Jason was quite happy to finish mine! Small bonus is that you keep the glass you were given ;)

At the end of the day, just before the weather turned bad, we took the time to go up the Calton Hill for some great views of the city.

Because we needed to leave around Sunday lunch, we knew we didn't have much time left to spend in the city, so Sunday morning was all about taking it easy. Well, being our usual selves, we still went all the way to the bottom of Holyrood Hill to admire the Palace from a distance. And yes, that's a rare photo of the two of us! In a way it's far from being perfect, but I just love it because we usually never take the time to take a photo of the both of us, and we were just genuinely happy at the time. And that is perfection to me :)

Overall a great experience, so Edinburgh, we'll be back!

Saturday 1 August 2015

Giveaway - "Smile" Wallpapers!

Happy first of August guys!

Lately I've realised more and more how I was getting fed up of all this negativity and pessimism around us so I decided to do a wallpaper with a positive vibe! I know that life can be tough sometimes, but there are so many situations where people prefer to choose pessimism over optimism and I think it is a real shame. We have to count our blessings, and right now, I'm so grateful to be healthy, having food on my plate, a warm home, and loads of great projects ahead!

Smiling is a beautiful thing and it can help a lot in moments of doubt or sadness. So you've got the message: Smile!