Sunday 27 March 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Are you enjoying your weekend so far? We're having such a a great time off. Started with Afternoon Tea (Christmas gift from our dear friends Alice and Ben!) in Llandudno on Friday, we had a fabulous get together with all our close friends in the evening and today, we're going to enjoy a full-on Easter dinner at Jason's parents. Oh and I'm baking a chocolate cake decorated with Mini Eggs so I can't wait to get to the dessert ;)

I think we're going to try and relax tomorrow before going back to work on Tuesday, but if the sun is out, we will definitely be out too (The rain doesn't seem to be stopping though)!

Have an amazing time with your friends and family and don't eat too much chocolate!

Sunday 20 March 2016

Spring is officially here!

Today is officially the first day of Spring, little bunnies, flowers everywhere and chocolate eggs. Oh yes, you heard me, Spring also means loads and loads of delicious chocolates, and you know what? Easter weekend is actually just around the corner and I. CAN'T. WAIT.

In the UK we have a long 4 day weekend and it's always the best time for Spring cleaning and gardening. Plus, my brother is coming to visit in a couple of weeks so we want to make sure the house is at its best! And I'm sorry but the Welsh Winter and gardening don't really go hand in hand so the garden definitely needs a bit (a lot) of a refresh!

Overall, I'm just happy to put those cold days behind and enjoy longer days. Spring is always a great time to start new projects, get active and take advantage of the sunny days with long walks on the beach or in the mountains. There's also loads of little lambs in every field around here, and that's just really cute.

So get out there and get your dose of Vitamine D!

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Spring Escapade in Abersoch

Last Sunday felt a lot like Spring, and the sea was calling us. So we took my little car for a ride to Abersoch, a little bit more than an hour away from our house, on the coast of Llyn Peninsula.

It was surprisingly very quiet as we expected to see a lot more people enjoying the beaches with the sun out, warming up our faces and lighting up our mood. But we felt like we were the only 'tourists' around as wherever we looked, we could see happy local families and couples, most of them walking their dog. And it was just very nice as it was. No fuss, no crowds, just a regular Sunday getting our legs to exercise in the soft sand. 

And you know what, parking was free! Now that's something that we're not used to. Everywhere we go now we always make sure we have some change in our pockets as you can guarantee there'll be a pay & display car park waiting around the corner.

I wish it could stay the same in the Summer but something tells me that it's a lot more touristy during the school holidays. But even then, I think Abersoch is too nice and beautiful to use this as an excuse. I actually can't wait to explore more around this area! Apparently Nefyn and Trefor are lovely too.

Hope these photos brighten up your day if you've just had gloom and rain :)

Sunday 6 March 2016

Bodelwyddan Castle

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day in the UK!

Yesterday we finally took the morning off to go and explore Bodelwyddan Castle! It has been on our list since, well, when we moved into the house, which means about 2 years! I know, I know... Shame on us!

The weather was a bit overcast, so the whole castle was a bit dark. I actually enjoyed taking some photos here and there, using the shadows and soft light for nice contrasts and graphical details. We really liked the exhibition, even though we were a bit disappointed to not be able to see more of the rooms! I guess that's how it is when a castle is repurposed to be a high end hotel.

I have to admit, as nice at it was, Penrhyn Castle still has to be my favourite though (see my post here!). But on saying that, the park at Bodelwyddan must be absolutely gorgeous in Spring! I could see how families could enjoy a nice picnic in the gardens.

Hope these photos inspired you and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Giveaway - If traveling was free...

Happy first of March guys! And actually, happy St David's day for my fellow Welsh people (I guess I'm a honorary Welsh person now) :)

February has been great to us (apart from my car deciding to have another issue that cost me an arm!) and even though I would like time to go a little bit slower because of our typical issue 'not enough hours in a day', I actually can't wait for Spring, and warmth. Oh yes, this is all I'm waiting for.

But North Wales is not the best for warmth. Well, let's say that on a typical summer day here, people would wear a t-shirt and shorts, and I would still have my coat on because it's just not warm enough. Now, my favourite remedy is to plan some holidays, anywhere South, where we could explore during the holidays. And this year, for a while we didn't know where to choose (turns out, we're going to Bavaria, whoop whoop!) and whilst we were searching, I came across this quote and it just sounded so right to me. If traveling was free, I would always explore, I would go around the world without worrying and you would never see me again.

So if you're like me and you can't wait for a little bit of traveling, download these wallpapers that I created just for you!