Thursday 26 February 2015

Your Top 5 favourite posts!

Hey everyone! To continue the celebrations of my blog's first birthday, I thought I would do a little selection of the top 5 posts that got your attention in the past year, so here goes!
(Little hint: You can click on the image to go directly to the post if you missed it!)

I have to say I'm a bit surprised that this is the top one, but in a way I'm so proud of it that I'm glad you guys appreciated the effort I put into it and I hope it inspired you :)

Well, Christmas spirit is definitely gone by now, but there's no harm having a look back at this cute little town during the Christmas market (which in the end wasn't really a Christmas market...!)

This is probably one of my favourite wallpapers I created and you guys also seem to like it! I know August is still a little far away, but don't forget to download it if you don't have it already :)

I really enjoyed working on this project and god I was proud of myself when everything was all printed and ready to post! Wedding stationery is definitely my thing.

It's never too late to get organised and this sweet little calendar will help you make sense of the little mess in your brain (hopefully)! Keep your eyes peeled for some wallpaper giveaways with a few of these patterns!

Seeing my projects get some attention really motivates me to keep this blog going and do the best I can to create cool designs and share with you some great ideas and photos. Thank you all!

Sunday 22 February 2015

Happy Birthday to "It's not Serious!"

Can you believe it?! It's been exactly one year since I started this blog, and god it's gone fast!

I wanted to do something a bit special to celebrate it and I had such good fun during this photoshoot with a massive gold balloon! Thing is, we weren't on our own when taking all these photos, and people would regularly pass us and laugh at me because I was really struggling... It's unbelievably windy most of the time where we live and you can imagine how it can be difficult to make sure that a super light balloon is staying in the right position!

Still, I'm pleased with the result and I hope it brightens up your day :)

Here's to another amazing and creative year!!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Lately on Instagram #10

I've been a busy bee lately! (And I've eaten a lot...)

Massive French toasts with blueberries last Sunday morning, just because // Tried to catch an amazing sunset but we were a bit late! // Went on an adventure in the Snowdonian mountains // Celebrated Jorge's birthday with an Indian feast and a delicious cake // Well, I obviously couldn't resist Asos' sales // Finally used the cute tupperware my sister offered me for Christmas // Scoffed a piece of banoffee tart in Liverpool with some good company... // ... After eating one of the best meal ever at Little Italy // Desperately tried to burn a few calories by walking down the road from work during lunch break!

For more photos, follow me on Instagram or Twitter!

Hope you all having a great weekend :)

Sunday 8 February 2015

Wandering - The Idwal Path

It's been a little while that we can see snow on the mountains from our bedroom window, and we always used to say that one day we will brave the cold and go on a hike to finally experience the beauty of it... Well, last weekend, that's what we did!

The view was already breathtaking at the beginning of the path, but when we arrived at the lake, we had no words. I couldn't feel my fingers and I was afraid that the tip of my nose would suddenly break off like an icicle, but it was completely worth it! To be honest, you have to see it yourself as the photos don't give it justice.

So here we were, surrounded by snow, in awe of what we just had in front of our eyes and it was so good to feel the cold air on our faces and breathe.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Giveaway - Quirky Valentine's Day Cards!

Hey guys! Right, it's now ten days to Valentine's Day, and to be honest, it's not a day that I usually like to celebrate. For me and my bearded man, this is more an excuse to treat ourselves to a nice meal! But I thought that if I was to create some cards for this occasion, I would definitely do some quirky ones. So here they are!

If you would like to give one of these cards to your loved one, you can download the pdf right HERE! I prepared all four of them ready to be printed on an A4 and folded in two. Share the love!

Sunday 1 February 2015

Giveaway - Free February Wallpaper!

Happy first of February! January has been good so I'm definitely looking forward to this month! I have a few surprises for you to come as well. Exciting!

For this month's wallpaper, I thought I would create something bright, even though February is quite gloomy most of the time. I didn't forget the rain though! Hope you like them :)

You can download the full pack of wallpapers HERE or just the phone one HERE. Enjoy!