Tuesday 26 April 2016

Portfolio Update - Anglesey Beach Guide

It has been a little while since I've shared some work I've done at View Creative, but I was so pleased with this one that I had to make a feature of it!

The Isle of Anglesey's council approached View Creative with the idea of creating a beach guide that would represent the coast of the island in a very practical way. I've worked on all 16 maps whilst my colleague (and partner!) Jason did the layout of the whole brochure as well as the bespoke typography for all the titles. Doesn't it look cool? I was actually really excited to use one of my favourite summery colour palette. Cream, coral, turquoise, a touch of orange... Best combination!

We had a lot of fun preparing the photoshoot on a local beach and I took it so seriously that I made sure my nails were painted with a colour that would go perfectly with the vibe of the guide!

More to come soon :)

Friday 22 April 2016

All Aboard!

Happy weekend guys! I couldn't resist but share another day from the coolest time when we had my brother around. It was so great to finally spend some proper time with him! And after the Zip World, we didn't want him to feel like we made no effort for the days ahead so we planned a little trip on an old steam train to Porthmadog.

It started like every other morning: cold and rainy (ha). And then it got worse when we arrived at Blaenau Ffestiniog as we hit a snow storm! My brother was well impressed, we weren't. I mean, what's the point in going on this type of journey if you can't see anything out of the window? We were still excited though as we never experienced it and it turned out to be such a sunny day in the end (phew)!

I have to say, I loved it. Even though we were cold, I kept opening the window to stick the camera out and take some shots of the beautiful surroundings. I think my brother was quite tired on the way back though so it was just nice and quiet, and really relaxing. I would definitely recommend it! Check out the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways website and have a look at the various journeys they offer :)

Right, I'm quite busy at the moment, and I would really like to also share some of my design works on this little blog of mine, but I might share some more photos of the holiday with my brother so sorry in advance for the spamming!

Sunday 17 April 2016

Lost in the Mountains

It's about time I share with you all the little adventures we've been on whilst my brother was around! First of all: one of the best holidays ever. Secondly: ZIP WORLD!

Well, I haven't myself been on it, but I had the best time following Jason and Thomas along their journeys to both zip lines. The best one being to the second zip line, right at the top of the mountain, as we had a 15 minutes tour in a big old truck to reach it. And because I was translating everything to my brother, I managed to get on the platform and took some cool photos when both of them were launched. I have to say, it looked amazing and I might give it a go... One day! We were so lucky with the weather (it didn't rain!) and the staff were really helpful. Did you know that they do a short video of your ride for free? My brother was really chuffed to send it to my parents and it's such a great souvenir. To book tickets, click right here!

After a quick picnic in Betws-y-Coed and some tasty cakes at the Alpine Coffee Shop (I had the caramel and chocolate tart and it was delicious!) we were back on the road to get to our next adventure! By that time my brother was already a bit tired, but hey, he had no choice!

Although there's not much left of the Dolwyddelan Castle, it was definitely worth the trip just with the views you get of Snowdonia. It definitely helped that we were on our own as it felt extra special, but I actually really enjoyed going around it, exploring every corner, and climbing on dodgy walls to take the best shot. We only had a tiny bit of rain and came back home to a hot chocolate with marshmallows (best end to a tiring day). I'd say it was a great first day with my brother and I felt so privileged to get so much time with him.

Stay tuned for the rest of our exciting holiday!

Friday 15 April 2016

Happy Time

Yep, today it's been exactly 4 years that I'm with Jason, and because I'm cheesy and all, I thought I would show a little something to share how happy I am lately and how lucky I feel to be with this man that makes my life so exciting and full of laughs, craziness and love.

I mean, why not share your happiness to the whole world? It's so easy to express disappointments and angriness on the internet and I think we need more messages of love, kindness and happiness. So here I am, celebrating those last 4 years, knowing that whatever I do next, I'll always have him to support me (big news coming up soon guys!).

And because it's Friday and we haven't eaten enough in the last week (yes, this is sarcastic), we're treating ourselves with a cheeky meal at Pizza Hut and cinema tonight because we're crazy like that.

See you!

Friday 1 April 2016

Giveaway - Abstract patterns wallpapers

Happy first of April! Now that Easter weekend is gone and you've eaten your weight in chocolates, it's time to concentrate on all these activities that you've planned to do months ago but never got around to doing them. Yes, you know the ones.

For us, it's places that we've still not explored around Wales and little things around the house that we would like to do before my brother visits us. I think I'm done with the spare room now!

Anyway, I'm forgetting to talk about those beautiful April's wallpapers! I hadn't worked on some patterns for a little while and I felt I needed to try something new. I've been seeing plenty of 'abstract' patterns lately and I wanted to do my own versions and share them with you! I realised that I actually couldn't do something too chaotic. I like organisation and structure a bit too much and it just didn't feel right for me. So I decided to do an organised chaos of shapes. One of them has more of a botanical feel to it as I thought it represented April pretty well.

So don't forget to freshen up your screens!