Saturday 30 July 2016

Portfolio Update - Prenderland Books

Happy weekend guys!

I'm over the moon to share with you one of the biggest projects I've worked on as a freelancer so far! Prenderland Books is a project dedicated to help children read books in a fun, educational way. I loved working on the sweet little characters and their extraordinary world and the process has been very smooth the whole way through. April, my client, is the kindest person in the world and she made every step very easy and enjoyable.

It's been a big achievement on a professional and personal level for me as I proved to myself that I could take on projects like this on my own and it's a step forward to one of my biggest dreams: Illustrating children's books. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to see how well it will be received.

Jason, under the banner of Victory Over All, also did a great job on the website! After working on his own website a few months ago, he realised that he learnt a lot and was definitely skilled enough to work on SquareSpace based websites for our clients and we're really happy with the result!

Make sure to visit the website RIGHT HERE

If you're searching for me, I will be happily flying to France today to spend some much needed time with my family :)

Friday 22 July 2016

To the Summit

With my birthday being on a Tuesday when Jason and I were both working, we thought it would be great to celebrate the weekend before and have a proper outdoorsy day in the mountains. We always said we would go to the top of Snowdon together, but never actually did it, so we had no excuses this time! We booked the first train on the Sunday (you can book your tickets in advance on the Snowdon Mountain Railway website right here) and arrived literally in the clouds as we stepped out of the train.

The clouds were moving fast so we had to be really quick if we wanted to take a picture of the mountain peaks on the horizon, as two seconds later, the view would be blocked by thick mist. It was so worth it though and the atmosphere there was very serene. You do feel absolutely tiny when looking at the beautiful scenery down below your feet and it was actually really peaceful. We were lucky to have the sun with us, which made it even more enjoyable.

We booked return train tickets on the off chance that it would be raining (let's face it, it rains A LOT in North Wales, even in the summer), but with the gorgeous weather we had, we agreed to hike our way down the mountain, which took us around two and a half hours. And we were glad we did because the views were breathtaking! I apologise for the amount of photos but it was too beautiful not to share with you.

By the time we arrived at the foot of the mountain and made our way to the centre of Llanberis, it was full on summer and we couldn't be happier than having our picnic by the lake, relaxing after a long hike, taking it all in. We also had a delicious ice cream in the afternoon after walking around a little bit. You must be wondering why I didn't take a photo of it? Well, it was so hot that I didn't get the time because the ice cream was melting too fast!

We ended this great day with some drinks at the Surf Snowdonia bar, which is on the way back home, before heading to the cinema in the evening. I feel so lucky right now! Jason, you're the best :)

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

Yay!! Happy Birthday to meeee! It's Tuesday, and I already had such a great time last weekend thanks to Jason, but I want MORE haha. I want all the cakes and the chocolates, and all the special treatments that you get when you're the birthday girl :)

Ok, I'm only joking here... But you know, it's always nice to feel a bit special!

The thing is, I don't like the number 27 and in a way, I don't want to be 27! Trust me, it's not the age, and I always say that it's only your body that gets older (honestly, I still feel like I'm 22 in my head), but time is going waaaay too fast. Yes, I'm having a great year and so many exciting things are happening that I do feel really lucky, but come on now, can time slow down a bit? I always feel like I'm just chasing it, trying to do so many things at the same time, and the next thing you know, it's your freaking birthday again! What?!

Anyway, it's time for me to take it easy today, go for a great back massage in the afternoon, eat a lot of nice food with my amazing boyfriend this evening and open my gifts (I would say that's the best bit, but it's hard to beat a massage and FOOD).

Hope you're enjoying your day wherever you are!

Saturday 9 July 2016

Portfolio Update - Fashion Illustrations

Lately I've been experiencing the joy of having some free time to do whatever the hell I want. But because I feel bad lounging around and reading, I always make sure to do something productive.

So in between searching for new clients and projects, I thought it would be good for me to come back to my first love: Fashion illustrations. If you look in my portfolio, some of the first pieces of illustrations I shared were fashion ones. I always enjoyed the freedom of it and representing models in their striking poses in a bold style is actually really enjoyable. If I'm honest, creating these felt easy and liberating because I was just doing them for me. No pressure involved! And it keeps the inspiration level up so it's a win-win.

I'm only showing you three of the six illustrations I designed so if you're curious and would like to see the rest of them, head over to my website RIGHT HERE.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday 6 July 2016


Yay! I'm so thrilled to let you know that Meow! is now selling three of my super cute cards! You should check them out as well as the amazing range of products for crazy cat people that she has.

When Milly reached out to me after finding my cards on Etsy, I was so happy to first; find somebody else that loves quirky cat goodies as much as I do, and secondly; be able to see my cards being sold in a great shop alongside some really well designed items. It's definitely a different feeling to see products you've designed yourself in a great shop.

Milly is over the moon to see her shop expanding so make sure to check it out regularly as she's got a lot more to come very soon :)

Monday 4 July 2016

Little Festival, Big Heart

Last Saturday, Jason and I made it to the Ymuno festival, a great music event which takes place every couple of years in Abergele, North Wales.

We were lucky enough to have some free tickets (thank you for your generosity Asher!) and we enjoyed meeting our friends and colleagues (well, former colleagues for me) for a whole day of festivities. The atmosphere is the best thing about it. So relaxing and welcoming! The festival is also great for families as they always plan a tonne of activities for kids. You can see little Alex enjoying the magic bubbles of Dr Zigs!

Unfortunately the rain was on and off the whole day but we still managed to enjoy the sun when we could. I think performers preferred when it was raining as everyone would go inside the tents! In the afternoon, we were lucky to see once again the fantastic band Boat To Row that our close friend Alice introduced us to a couple of years ago. These guys were in Glastonbury this year!

After a yummy pizza, we decided to just chill out and enjoy the music until late at night.

Definitely a great festival that you can't miss if you're in the area! If you fancy buying the weekend ticket, you get the camping free as well as breakfast every morning. Not bad eh? Keep an eye out for the next dates!

Friday 1 July 2016

Giveaway - July wallpapers

Happy first of July!! It's my birthday month and to me July means summer, sunshine and fresh fruits. I've always loved having my birthday during summer and because this year it's on a Tuesday, I think it's only fair to ask for a birthday week rather than a birthday weekend, right?!

This month I created for your guys some warm, colourful wallpapers that will make you think of a nice summer day out even though it's rainy and gloomy outside. I'm really into these shades of orange and pink lately (if you haven't noticed yet) and to have one of these artworks on my desktop motivates me straight away in the morning. Hope it's the same for you!