Saturday 8 March 2014

DIY - Old Ladder to Plant Shelf

Lately I've decided to start some DIY projetcs on my own and get my hands dirty! (Usually, it would be my man doing this kind of thing). When I saw this old stained ladder going cheap, I thought it would  make a great shelf for some plants in the porch.

First step was to sand it down a bit to make sure the paint would stick well to the wood and not flake off. Then I painted a couple of coats of white matt emulsion.

I wanted to add a splash of colour to the ladder, and found a few pots of matt aqua paint in a local DIY shop (this colour is very me). I didn't want to add too much colour so I decided to paint only the very top step.

To have an aged effect, I sanded down the edges and a few bits here and there. Having a bit of the original wood colour showing through the paint is always good for that old rustic look.

Once I was happy with the result, it only needed a quick coat of varnish to keep it from chipping and marking easily. Then it was just the case of putting my nice new plants on, and voilĂ  !

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