Monday 14 July 2014

DIY - Repainting old drawers

A few weeks ago, me and my man managed to redecorate our office room a little (for really cheap!) which looked a bit sad and neglected since we moved in. The first thing that needed a good refresh was definitely these grey drawers. So I thought I would show you the process of its transformation!

Because we wanted to keep the first coat of grey paint, we decided to not sand it down and directly applied a first coat of white paint (we actually had to add a second one as the grey was still showing through).

Once the drawers were totally dry, we decided to introduce some touches of bright colours on the middle stripes. Because we had almost no budget for this, the little paint pot samples were perfect!

Don't forget the masking tape! It's essential to make sure the edges are neat.

After sanding down the edges to give it a nice rustic effect, the last thing we needed to do was varnishing it to make sure that the paint won't get damaged. Et voilĂ ! Not bad eh?

Hope it gives you some ideas on how to freshen up your own furniture!

Enjoy your evening :)

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