Tuesday 10 March 2015

Pinterest Addiction #10

How about some food inspiration this week? Lately on Pinterest, I've been pinning loads of recipes that look just A-MA-ZING!

1. I actually tried this one, and instead of the caramel, I added some Rolos in the middle of the mix... YUMMY
2. I've been searching for some cool brunch ideas and this Sandwich looks just perfect
3. I thought that these savoury twists would definitely do the trick for an appetiser with some friends
4. Who doesn't love brownies?! This one has caramel and Pretzel crust, yes, you read that well
5. I'm a sucker for pancakes and it's one of my favourites for a Sunday breakfast! I need to try this recipe with greek yoghurt
6. And finally, a tasty dessert that requires no baking... Ideal!

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