Sunday 26 July 2015

Portfolio Update - Art Deco Style Birthday Invitations

Gina approached me to design the invitations for her 40th birthday party, and I was over the moon when she dropped in the conversation that she was thinking of an art deco style. This is the kind of design I've always wanted to try and never got a chance to!

After a bit of research, we decided not to go down the route of the typical gold & black theme, but to use a much softer colour that would still go perfectly with gold. The decision to use a pastel mint colour came quite quickly and Gina didn't need much persuasion as she loved it!

I think my favourite part of this project was creating a bespoke pattern to go on the back of the invitation and the RSVP card. It can be quite difficult as I really wanted the pattern to have a nice feel but not be too similar to all the other ones out there.

The best reward was the look on Gina's face when she saw them printed, it makes your hard work all worth it!

PS: Just a bit of advice here, don't use tiny pieces of glitter unless you don't mind having a glittery carpet. It goes absolutely everywhere haha!

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