Friday 22 July 2016

To the Summit

With my birthday being on a Tuesday when Jason and I were both working, we thought it would be great to celebrate the weekend before and have a proper outdoorsy day in the mountains. We always said we would go to the top of Snowdon together, but never actually did it, so we had no excuses this time! We booked the first train on the Sunday (you can book your tickets in advance on the Snowdon Mountain Railway website right here) and arrived literally in the clouds as we stepped out of the train.

The clouds were moving fast so we had to be really quick if we wanted to take a picture of the mountain peaks on the horizon, as two seconds later, the view would be blocked by thick mist. It was so worth it though and the atmosphere there was very serene. You do feel absolutely tiny when looking at the beautiful scenery down below your feet and it was actually really peaceful. We were lucky to have the sun with us, which made it even more enjoyable.

We booked return train tickets on the off chance that it would be raining (let's face it, it rains A LOT in North Wales, even in the summer), but with the gorgeous weather we had, we agreed to hike our way down the mountain, which took us around two and a half hours. And we were glad we did because the views were breathtaking! I apologise for the amount of photos but it was too beautiful not to share with you.

By the time we arrived at the foot of the mountain and made our way to the centre of Llanberis, it was full on summer and we couldn't be happier than having our picnic by the lake, relaxing after a long hike, taking it all in. We also had a delicious ice cream in the afternoon after walking around a little bit. You must be wondering why I didn't take a photo of it? Well, it was so hot that I didn't get the time because the ice cream was melting too fast!

We ended this great day with some drinks at the Surf Snowdonia bar, which is on the way back home, before heading to the cinema in the evening. I feel so lucky right now! Jason, you're the best :)

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