Wednesday 14 December 2016

We're moving to France!

You MUST know by now that we're moving to France, because to be honest, I've probably mentioned it in all my posts over the past three months! Haha.

So yes, it's finally happening and we will be flying out on the 18th of December, just in time for Christmas! We'll be enjoying some time off first with my family, but will be back to full time freelancing (and sorting out the oh-so-annoying French paperwork) from the 2nd of January. My Etsy shop has been closed for a couple of weeks so I apologise for any disappointment, but it will be open again very soon. Also, this little blog of mine will probably be a tiny bit quiet for a couple of months, but please make sure to follow me on Instagram for some updates!

It's been very odd getting rid of everything in our house as we're only taking the most important things with us (and well, shipping furniture costs you an arm), but we've enjoyed the process and we quite like the fact that we're starting from scratch. We've been living out of our suitcases for the past two weeks and it's been quite fun!

So please bear with me whilst we're getting used to our new life and eating way too many baguettes and fresh p√Ętisseries (I've missed them so much!).

Cheers to new beginnings!

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