Tuesday 7 March 2017

Le Chronographe

One of the good things about living close to a massive city, is that chances are, it was already a busy city in Roman times.  Lately, archeologists have found loads of objects and proofs that show how people were living at that time. Rezé, which is facing Nantes on the other side of La Loire, was called Ratiatum and was known to be a successful port town for at least a century.

They found so much remains in Saint-Lucien that they've decided to build Le Chronographe to tell people all about it. As the entry is free in February to celebrate its launch, we went there on a rainy Sunday to see what it was all about.

We found the exhibition really interesting and Jason was pleased to see that there were a few bits translated in English, which was quite nice for me as I didn't have to translate everything for him ;). Also, as designers, we couldn't help but notice how well designed the whole project is (I still have the leaflets with me for future design reference!).

Also, not pictured is the Chapelle Saint-Lupien that they opened to the public for the occasion, just a few meters away from Le Chronographe. They dug out so much that the archeologists found remains of a couple of ancient sarcophages, and Roman walls even deeper below. I just think it's fascinating to see how the generations of people living at the same place always built on top of the old floor level, creating these layers in the ground that people nowadays can study to learn more about the history of our ancestors.

Have a great week (fingers crossed there will be no further power cuts)!

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