Thursday 18 May 2017

Zoo de Pont-Scorff

Although we celebrated Jason's birthday with his family at my parents' house (our bellies still remember it!), I wanted to make his birthday extra special and decided to plan a little surprise over his birthday weekend! Jason had no idea where we were going but quickly figured it out after seeing the signs for the zoo ;)

I always feel a bit sad seeing all these animals stuck in a manmade space. But then I remember how much zoos help keep endangered animals alive, how they work hard to keep these species healthy whilst helping them reproduce and I think we definitely need these type of places to carry on doing what they do. It's so horrible to see a beautiful rhino and then realise that there's almost none left in the wild... I fear that in a few generations, the only way people will be able to see exotic animals will be in zoos just because most of them will be extinct in the wild. Such a sad time for the wildlife!

Anyway, I'm not going to go on and on about it but thought I would mention my point of view! We both love animals and sometimes we were just sitting on a bench, watching them doing their own little things. We arrived just before they opened and we were some of the last ones to leave! We definitely made the most out of our day there.

We had such a great time with the giraffes! We went back to see them at the end of the day, and they were SO close to us. It's so funny when you realise how massive their heads are!

This monkey kept coming close to the glass when Jason was watching him! I think it's because he's so hairy haha. Also, how crazy is the orange colour on these little birds?! I seem to remember that they're close to flamingos and they get this colour by eating a lot of shrimps.

We went around the little farm and fell in love with all the guinea pigs that were running around their tiny house! It started to get pretty hot and I was glad I had the suncream with me as we were soon going around in t-shirts. I can't wait for the Summer to start!

(You get bonus points if you've spotted the cute duck family!)

At the end of the day, we arrived just on time to watch the keepers giving food to the elephants and the penguins. We stayed for quite a while watching the elephants picking up the food and having a little bath, they're so majestic!

We left the place super happy with our day out and Jason didn't realise that there was more waiting in the house! Although he prefers to drink good ales, he's now really into good whisky and we hadn't bought a bottle since arriving in France, so I got him an Aberlour, 10 years old, and I think it was the best gift to finish off a week of festivities :)

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