Thursday 20 July 2017

Picnic by the lake & Village de l'An Mil

On the second weekend of July, we picked up my brother Thomas at my parents to spend a bit of quality time with him. Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend and we made the most of it!

We planned to visit the Village de l'An Mil, which is only 20mins away from our house, and after a bit of research, I realised that there was a beautiful lake nearby where we could stop for a picnic beforehand. And so we did!

We were glad to find a spot in the shade because it was already starting to be hot, and although I like the heat, when you're eating under the sun with no breeze whatsoever, you start to feel like you're going to melt at one point! The view was beautiful though and after eating, I think we were all ready for a nap ;)

There wasn't a lot of people when we arrived so it was nice and quiet. We met a cute cat sleeping away under a table and as we're all cat people, we couldn't resist coming back to him (or her?) all the time!

The site is very interesting, although it would have probably been best to wait for the next guided tour as it would have been a bit more lively. But we like roaming around at our own pace so it didn't bother us too much. I always like discovering how people used to live and these middle-age reconstructions that were built on real remains were really well done.

Jason and Thomas were messing around with the props and I still can't get over Jason's face in the "Face-in-the-Hole" board! It makes it extra funny that it's usually made for kids.

We could go around the ruins of the rest of the village and we found them so beautiful with all these purple flowers growing on them. Archeologists are still searching for some more elements that would help them figure out how these people were living and they still haven't found where they were burying their dead.

One thing that was quite impressive was the garden that they put together based on discoveries all around Brittany of the kind of plants and vegetables middle-age people would be planting and cultivating. The garden was absolutely massive! We even spotted some goats :)

Even though we would have loved to see and learn more, we were very pleased with our day out with my brother and we were glad to finish the day with our feet in the river's cool water down the road!

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