Monday 19 February 2018

Coup de Coeur - Olivia Chin Mueller

Happy Monday guys! I know it's been a while I haven't shared any posts but I have been SUPER busy lately and I honestly didn't have the time to concentrate on this little blog of mine. So to start again on a high, I thought I would share my latest Coup de Coeur with you!

When I discovered Olivia's art on Twitter recently (thanks to Katie Moody!) I was instantly stunned by her style, her technique and how cute her little characters looked. I love how whimsical her illustrations feel and her creativity and choice of colours are always perfect. She seems to do a lot of children's books but she also has her own personal projects and I really admire the time and effort that she puts into every piece of illustration that she shares on social media and on her website. Dreamy illustrations of cute cats and animals = I'm in heaven.

AND, Olivia is the creator of these unbelievably cute Mousemoths, which, as you must have guessed it already, is a perfect mix of a mouse and a moth together. She's been making plushies herself out of felt but now she's actually having a manufacturer create them so that she could sell them in her shop. Needless to say that I can't wait to see the result! She shared a few snaps on social media and it's great to see the whole process.

On a side note: Please feel free to contact her if you see any copies of her Mousemoths as I'm aware she's had some issues with them lately.

Make sure to check her out! I've made a list of all the places you can find Olivia and her work below:

Website: click HERE
Shop: click HERE
Twitter: click HERE
Instagram: click HERE

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