Thursday 15 March 2018

La Presqu'île de Gâvres

Hey guys! Last weekend we took advantage of the (kind of) nice weather to discover another place in Bretagne that we hadn't seen before! The Gâvres peninsula is super close to Port-Louis but we never thought about exploring it until last Saturday. I knew there was a pretty good walk to do all along the coast, and because we had plenty of food for lunch, we thought it wouldn't be so bad for us to be walking all afternoon ;)

It was super quiet but I assume it would be more touristy around Summer. We mostly met locals on their afternoon walk with their dogs so it was quite nice actually. The weather was very changing and as it was quite windy, clouds would move fast, resulting in photos with plenty of sun, and some not so much. Oh well! Nevermind if the photos aren't perfect, I just enjoyed taking it easy and walking at our own pace, stopping here and there to pick up washed up pieces of glass on the sand.

What we didn't realise is the fact that West of the peninsula, there were loads of German bunkers left from the Second World War when the North of France was occupied. Gâvres was a strategic place on the coast of Bretagne and they had clear views of the sea and sky. It was a bit strange as I'd never seen so many bunkers in such a small coastal area.

On the last photos, you can see the Porh Puns fortress built in the XVIIth Century that was then taken by the German troops and changed into some kind of base with two big domes on its side. It's a shame we didn't have much explanation on the site! Everything was very intriguing and a bit impressive. But more in a weird way obviously. I kept thinking about the fact that all this is still quite recent in history and people on the island must have gotten used to this sight, maybe forgetting what had happened here with time.

(PS: Am I the only one seeing an annoyed face on the last photo?!)

I spent a good while stalking that white stork, but I have the feeling he didn't like it so much as the closer I got, the more he would walk away from me! I decided to leave him alone so that he could eat in peace :)

By the time we reached the Marina, the sun was fully back on and we started to feel a bit tired and thirsty. The town that you can see on the other side is Port-Louis! We couldn't believe how close it was and how super fast it must be to go from there to Gâvres by boat, knowing that by car, you have a good 25 minute drive as you have to go aaaall the way around.

It was such a good day and we happily made our way back home, rested and content :)

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