Thursday 9 May 2019

The past 3 months!

Hello, it's me! I can't believe I haven't written anything on the blog for almost three months! I think I've been so busy with work and personal life that the blog was the least of my worries haha. To be honest, I feel that people don't really read blog posts anymore and are more eager to have a look on Insta stories instead (ahem, I do this too). BUT, I like to share things with you guys and a blog post is great for doing little résumés of our life in general so I felt it was a good time to let you know what I've been up to since mid-February!

Well first, let me show you the amazing brunch we had at the Café des Orfèvres on the 17th of February! If you remember well, I created the whole brand for them last year and since then, every time we visit Vannes we try to make a stop at the café to eat some delicious treats. This brunch was just so good and it was super nice and sunny in Vannes, which was a bonus!

Life has been good the past three months, although a bit stressful with work but it's all fine in the end! Stress is sometimes part of work life purely because of the type of projects we take on and poor Jason was very very busy at one point with clients that kept coming back to him for more! We feel so lucky, and it's truly amazing to have regular clients coming back to us, but we also need to be careful not to go down the burn-out route and find the right balance. It seems to be a recurrent problem for freelancers!

That said, I was lucky enough to work on some very cool projects (one of them I can't share with you yet but is probably the most important project I've ever worked on in my career!). I collaborated on some more Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter inspired designs for Not Very Lady Like, created a box of inspiring and educational flash cards for Choulala Box (coming very soon!), and helped Innersense Organic Beauty raise awareness for Williams Syndrome Month by creating a hand-drawn lettering that was printed on t-shirts, mugs and make-up bags.

Oh and I've also released two new products on my Creative Market shop! The Magical Forest illustrations seem to be a hit so far ;)

I'm also taking part in the Instagram challenge 'Bon Voyage Week' and so far so good! I'm a bit overwhelmed by the responses I've had so far and it feels great to get so many nice comments on the fun and colourful illustrations I created for this challenge. It does show the importance of doing some personal work alongside client work. Check them out!

On the personal side, the weeks have been flying by to be honest but we've tried to take our time and relax as much as we could whenever possible. We visited my family a couple of times, explored other parts of Bretagne when the weather permitted it and had one or two VERY relaxed weekends, walking by the river, cooking delicious meals and playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch ;) Some photos below!

Tasty crêpes and a walk on Guidel Plage:

Perfect day out at the Domaine de Trévarez (jaw-dropping sight):

We also decided to take the day off for Jason's birthday (which landed on a Friday) and visited the Parc de Branféré! I loved walking around that parc and realising that all the animals were not stuck in cages and that a lot of them were completely free to roam around people.

AND, last but not least, I finally got my first tattoos ever!! I created the illustrations based on two of my favourite Miyazaki movies (can you guess which ones?) last Summer and waited a long time before starting to contact some tattoo artists that would be up for it. I was SO scared of the pain and honestly thought that I would be in agony, but overall it wasn't bad at all! Yes, it hurts, but I honestly feel way more pain waxing my bikini line!

I'm so pleased I did it and I'm already planning my other two (it will be a set too)! I'm also planning on taking some better photos than these ones with a better light and setting ;)

Hope you're all doing well and you enjoyed seeing this little recap!

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