Thursday 5 September 2019

I have a new website (& blog)!

Hey everyone! The cat is out of the bag: I (finally) have a new website! And with it, comes a shiny new blog too, where I'll be posting from time to time about my freelancing life and things that caught my eye. I might post some life updates too and share photos of places I've been because I do love sharing these. The thing is, I want my new blog to be a little more professional and in line with my website, and I grew a bit tired of sharing snippets of my life over here purely because I'm already doing it on Instagram via stories! You must have noticed that I've hardly posted on the blog since the beginning of the year anyway ;)

I'm leaving this one live because I really want people to be able to come back to it whenever they feel like it or if there are any blog posts that they want to refer back to. Plus, I've got all these wallpaper giveaways that I want to keep available :)

So if you'd like to see the new website, it's right HERE. And make sure to follow me on Instagram for some day to day updates, behind the scenes and work in progress!

Thanks for everything guys and if you've been following me since the beginning of this blog, then you're truly a rock star!

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