Saturday 2 August 2014

A Holiday in Prague (Part 2)

Hello! Enjoying your weekend? Because we can't use the car this weekend (failed MOT, argh!) I figured it would be a good time to sort through some more of our photos from Prague. Makes me want to go back!!

On our third day, we decided we would go and explore the great old fortress of Vyserhad and even if the weather wasn't as nice as we wanted, it didn't stop us! This area was full of history and it was really interesting to discover all the myths related to its ancient origins. The cemetery was certainely really unique with all the golden letters in an Art Nouveau style on the graves. Before heading back to the apartment, we enjoyed a bit of sunshine in the Old Town Square, giving us a chance to take even more photos!

The Jewish community played a big part in the history of Prague, so we couldn't miss the opportunity to visit the Jewish quarter on our fourth day. Unfortunately, we couldn't take photos in any of the museums and synagogues we've seen that day, which is a shame as some of the interiors were absolutely amazing. I only managed to snap some photos in the cemetery, but I had to pay for it (Have you seen Jason wearing the kippah as a sign of respect?)! After a late lunch at Bakeshop Praha, we wandered around the city and its markets, finding berries in every corner and enjoying the sights and sounds.

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