Saturday 6 September 2014

A Day at Chester Zoo

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a nice weekend so far.

For my birthday, Jason prepared a nice surprise and took me to Chester Zoo, which has been recently awarded the UK's number 1 zoo, for the day. Now, the weather wasn't what we expected for mid-July, but I have to say that we had an amazing day thanks to that as there weren't crowds of people everywhere trying to catch a glimpse of a red panda.

I don't think I've ever seen that many butterflies in one place before, and I really enjoyed taking as many close-up photos as I could!

There is such a wide variety of animals to see that you just can't get bored at this zoo. We actually had to rush a little bit after lunchtime to make sure we could see everything.


Obviously, I couldn't resist the cute little meerkats running around :)

These last photos show the most special moment we had during the day. Just before the Zoo was closing, we decided to go back to the cheetah's enclosure to have a better look at them and hopefully catch them when they weren't chilling out in the grass. We didn't realise that there would be two cheetahs hanging around really close to the glass, and it was pretty amazing to be able to see them that close, as if we could just touch them (well, maybe not as I would quite like to keep my hands).

Overall, I would definitely recommend a visit to Chester Zoo, bad or good weather, as it's a great day out and an amazing place to discover these beautiful animals :)

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