Thursday 25 June 2015

Pinterest Addiction #13

Lately I've been pinning a whole load of mouth-watering recipes and I thought it would be quite selfish of me to keep them all to myself! (Note that there is only one savoury dish haha!)

1. This no-bake French silk pie probably takes its name from the smooth chocolate filling, and I'm saying YES to this!
2. Chocolate awesomeness all the way. And there's Baileys in it! Nom nom nom
3. I've never tried anything like this crescent ring, but it looks scrumptious
4. Cake heaven by Call me cupcake!
5. I've been wanting to do a crêpe cake for ages, and I think this recipe is one of the best (plus, I love butterscotch)!
6. And the savoury one to finish (yes, dessert is always first)! I'm a big fan of Mexican style food and this enchilada quinoa bake looks yummy and healthy (kind of) :)


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