Saturday 6 June 2015

Wandering - Portmeirion

Right people, you need to go and visit Portmeirion! We went for Jason's birthday as a treat, and we didn't regret it (the sun helped as well I guess)! This has to be one of my favourite place in North Wales.

Did you know that if you have a two course lunch at Castell Deudraeth, you get a free entry into Portmeirion? It's really worth it as the food there is amazing and definitely affordable. We were actually really surprised as we didn't spend more than £25 per person (drink included) and the venue itself was really impressive.

When you've passed the entrance, you can't help but thinking that you fell into Alice's rabbit hole and arrived into an eccentric, colourful world. And after all, that's why it was made for! The founder wanted to show how an area could be developed whilst adding to its beauty rather than ruining it. And he took inspiration from all over the world, with a strong tendency towards Italian architecture and style. Two words: LOVE IT.

Another thing I loved about this place, is that once you've had a look around the town, you can explore the surrounding woodland with all its little quirky gardens and spaces, and it takes quite a while! We were also really curious about this trend of embedding a coin in the cracks of the wood.

Overall, a great place for a day out if you would like to escape the country without going too far!

I'm going back to my pizzas and jaw-dropping monuments! Nighty night from Rome :)

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