Monday 5 October 2015

Pinterest Addiction #15

It seems that I've been pinning quite a lot of cute illustrations lately, so I thought I would do a little selection of my favourites just for you!

1. Simple but really effective. I really like how graphical and bold this illustration by Polkka Jam is.
2. I liked this one instantly because of the quote and the colour palette. There's a little Alice in Wonderland touch that makes it quite cute!
3. I've been following What would Julie draw for a little while now and I just love her style. Whatever she does, it always looks stunning.
4. We see a lot of plants, cactus (or should I say cacti?!) and pineapples on Pinterest, but this illustration was too cute to ignore :)
5. This look like my dream house in my dream place (always sunny of course).
6. And a classic by Beatrix Potter to finish!

Have a nice evening peeps, and don't forget to follow me for more!

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