Monday 19 October 2015

Portfolio Update - Sarah & Mark's Wedding Stationery

Lately I've been working on really interesting projects and the most challenging and inspiring of them has to be Sarah & Mark's wedding stationery. I've worked on some wedding stationery before, but this project was definitely the biggest I've ever done and it's such a great achievement for me! I think the best part is when your clients tell you at the end of the process that they love what you've done and how much it means to them. I mean, that's what any designer would like to hear right?!

When Sarah and Mark approached me, they already had a theme in mind but weren't too sure how the invitations should look. After showing them the wedding pack I did for Gina & David, they were sold on the format and how it would all come together thanks to a ribbon and a small tag.

The part I enjoyed the most was working on the illustrations of flowers and various landmarks that were appearing on the invitations and on all the stationery needed for their big day. It's great to see how consistent every piece of design is and how the red hues from the flowers stand out nicely. The extra touch that makes it very special is the stamp we had made from the logo I created especially for the occasion. Fancy isn't it?

My close friend Alice was invited to the wedding with her partner so she took a few photos of my work on the day (If you're reading it, thank you again!). Have a look at them right here!

Overall, really pleased with it all and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah and Mark. All the best for the future!

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