Saturday 14 November 2015


We were coming back from the Cinema yesterday evening when I had a quick look on facebook and saw a brief message from an old University friend living in Paris. She was saying that she was alive, and managed to get home two minutes before the gunshots started in her street.

At this point I turned to Jason and said that something bad is happening in Paris. It didn't take us long to realise how horrifying the situation was. Visiting the BBC news website, we were able to follow the news regularly and we were shocked at what we were seeing. There are no words to describe how devastating these series of attacks were to us. We felt lost. All my thoughts were going to France, to Paris, and to all my friends and family living there.

This photo was taken two years ago, during an amazing holiday we had in Paris. It's hard to comprehend that this horrifying act has happened in this beautiful city.

I don't have all the answers, but in this moment of terror and sadness, I feel that we need to stay strong and united against these extremists that decided to shake humanity.

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