Friday 1 January 2016

Happy New Year + A Giveaway!

Happy New Year people!! How exciting! A brand new year waiting to be seized, full of new projects and (hopefully) happiness! I do feel that the past year has gone too fast, but I can't help but thinking that a fresh new year is all I need. I never do resolutions but I always try and see it as a blank page and nothing can stop me from embracing it and doing good. For me and for everyone.

But unfortunately, January also means Winter. And in North Wales (where I live), it's very cold. Hence the new wallpaper giveaway! A Wintery scenery is all I have in my mind when I think about this specific month. It's usually very dark, quite gloomy, and you NEVER leave your scarf at home. Well, it all sounds a bit depressing said like that, but I assure you that it's actually quite nice (most of the time)! I can't wait to explore the snowy mountains of Snowdonia again.

Anyway, make sure to update your desktops!


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