Thursday 21 January 2016

Last Weekend

Last Saturday we woke up and looked out the window in awe of all the snow we could see on the nearby mountains. So even though our weekends have been really busy lately with no time for us at all, we thought it was about time to put on our warmest clothes and go find some snow!

We didn't have to go too far though and we decided to go back to Cwm Idwal (previous post here) and explore it with a fresh pair of eyes again as it felt completely different! It was so cold, but so energising! Such a great feeling. I still can't believe I live in an area with beautiful landscapes like these.

This photo of Jason above is one of my favourite. He looks so serious! This man is all my life really. No matter where I am and what I do, he's always here and I don't know how I would function without him. Can you believe that it will be 4 years that we're together in April? Time flies :)

Have a nice evening guys x

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