Tuesday 4 October 2016

Exploring Conwy Castle

Now, you might know by now that we have a thing with castles in general. We actually live a few minutes away from Conwy Castle and although I visited it very soon after arriving in North Wales 5 years ago, Jason has NEVER gone inside it. Can you believe it?!

As part of the open doors event happening all over Wales in September, we thought we could take this opportunity to visit the castle before we move to France. However, with me being me, I didn't read the tiny line on their website saying that even though the entry was free, we needed to register as there was a limited amount of spaces. Bummer. So we had to pay a whooping £16 for the both of us and we weren't really happy about that. BUT, after a couple of minutes fuming, I thought 'life's too short to be annoyed at something like this' and I quickly forgot the whole thing to enjoy the whole experience. We enjoyed strolling around the old walls and going up and down the towers, burning loads of calories on the way! Even though I'm afraid of heights, I didn't mind climbing to the top of the towers to snap some photos of the view. Impressive isn't it?

I've never shared photos from the castle on this blog so I knew that now was the time! Also, I have to mention the fact that we were really lucky not to have felt ONE DROP of rain during the whole time.

Have a great day guys!

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