Friday 14 October 2016


The Llawn art festival is one of our favourite events happening in Llandudno every year. Performances and exhibitions are dotted around the whole town, which gives a really nice arty and festive feel during the entire weekend.

We went on Sunday afternoon, lucky to have the sun with us, and just arrived when a hoard of bikers were leaving the prom. It was quite scenic with the Great Orme as the background! What I absolutely love though are the multiple beach huts on the promenade that you can spot miles away thanks to their crazy colours. Plus, they're great on Instagram ;)

We couldn't miss the Llandada exhibition at the Freehaus, where our friend and ex-colleague Sarah Bowker-Jones was exhibiting her colourful sculptures! We loved the atmosphere and the way they were all laid out around the empty room. We really enjoyed going around the house to have a look at the other exhibitors too, but Sarah's was our favourite ;). Make sure to follow her on Instagram right here for regular updates on her work!

There was loads happening at Mostyn too as they started the Glitch festival. There was a long queue to enter Kris Martin's massive hot air balloon so we gave it a miss unfortunately. Our favourite was the robot following us everywhere though, I loved how Paul Granjon thought about every detail, even up to adding brown cables to give it hair.

The Tabernacle was our last destination during the festival. The place itself is full of history and I've always liked the layout of the room with the organ right at the end, placed in the centre. This year they had a very interesting music instrument placed in front of the organ, plus some exhibitions taking place in different rooms. I liked how each exhibition had a link to the building. It's a shame I didn't pick up some flyers to let you know a bit more about them!

I'm in the process of selecting the photos from our weekend in Port Sunlight so look out for the next post!

Have a great weekend guys :)

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