Wednesday 12 April 2017

Life Lately...

Hey guys! I thought I would give you a little update about what's going on in my life lately and how things are going with the move!

Although I've never lived in Bretagne before, I've always loved this area and I knew Jason would like it too as there's so much history to it and so many things to discover here. When searching for a new house to rent, I thought about Dordogne first, but realised quite quickly that it was a little bit too far from my family. After all, one of the reasons I moved back to France was to be a bit closer to my family after being so far away for more than 5 years (Jason was quite happy to follow me!).

We're really pleased about the house we found and we can't believe we're so lucky to be living here. The rent is completely reasonable, the rooms are big and bright, and the landlords are super nice. I think we liked it straight away because it's a renovated old barn and although the inside is quite new and modern, they kept all the nice features on the outside.

Plus, the surroundings are beautiful! We're a little bit isolated (and our internet connection is not the best in the world), but we're very close to loads of small charming towns and we'll never be short of choices for afternoon walks! It's also quite nice to have the river close by. It's so quiet that we feel relaxed and in peace.

It has been a bit hectic during the first week though, with all the obvious things to do when you move home, and we hardly found time to take it easy as we only took one day off and we were back working our little butts off for our dear clients!

To us the difficult part was more about the fact that we had almost nothing the first couple of days. We sold pretty much everything before moving to France in December, so we didn't have any bits of furniture! I mean, we still don't have kitchen cabinets or a wardrobe! Things are going slow because we're careful with our money and even more careful about what we buy. It's usually a good mix of new and second-hand stuff, and this time we want to do it right!

The one thing we wanted to get right as soon as possible was our desks. Now that we're both working as freelancers at home, we wanted to concentrate on making our desks inviting, with some elements that we liked and that made us feel inspired and comfortable. I'm pretty pleased with mine so far! Also, don't you love this little table from Sostrene Grene?! I fell in love with this shop and all their decorations that don't cost an arm :)

We went around a couple of Emmaüs before finding a couch that would do the job for us! This charity has loads of warehouses around the country and is similar to Crest in North Wales, where we used to get a lot of our furniture. It's perfect for us as we found a few gems for super cheap and as we didn't want (or didn't have the money) to buy a brand new couch, we found a super comfy one that we got delivered to the house last Wednesday! Although it's a horrible yellow colour, we covered it with a blanket bought in Ikea and a couple of nice cushions and it's looking really good now!

My grandmother gave us this old wooden bed and we instantly thought about painting it white. However after cleaning it and sanding it, we realised that some parts were looking more yellow, even after a second layer of white paint. So we quickly decided to paint it dark grey and we haven't looked back! It's looking amazing in the bedroom and it's a nice contrast with the walls.

We got the bigger drawers for free thanks to my mum's colleague and the little ones on the side are my old drawers that I had since I was tiny, and repainted in white! That's basically the only furniture we have to put our clothes away so quite a lot is still in boxes and suitcases. We're hoping to find a wardrobe really soon!

We definitely love old lamps as well, although we made sure to buy a couple of new ones so that our house doesn't start to look like an old person's house ;)

And Jason was eyeing this Ikea desk lamp for three years, can you believe it?! It was down to 35€ so he finally treated himself to a cool looking desk lamp haha. It's funny to see how my desk is white with pastel colours whilst his is dark brown with just dark elements all over it. Oh well, our styles are very different!

I'm hoping to give you some more updates very soon, and in the meantime, make sure to follow me on Instagram for more :)

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