Tuesday 6 June 2017

Domaine de Kerguéhennec

One Sunday, after savouring a delicious brunch made out of waffles (Yum!), we realised that the weather was going to be too nice to stay inside and had a look for things to do around our area. I checked all my little leaflets and brochures that I've accumulated since we've been in Brittany, and found this gem, which is only 30 minutes away.

First, we couldn't believe how beautiful the Domaine de Kerguéhennec (try to say that three times fast!) was, and secondly, the fact that it was all free. Nothing is free these days, so we actually felt a bit weird wandering around without having to pay for any tickets! Needless to say, we would definitely recommend it for an afternoon out if you're in the area.

More photos below!

There were quite a lot of contemporary sculptures by various artists dotted around the gardens as part of a permanent exhibition, but inside the château and the renovated stables, the current exhibition is celebrating the art of Anna-Eva Bergman.

We particularly liked the minimal and abstract paintings that she created to represent mountains and landscapes. Some of the techniques that she used were really interesting and we couldn't help but be drawn in by all the gold foil and deep blue tints.

The only thing we paid for was our drinks from the food truck just behind the Orangerie (they were also serving galettes but we were still full from our brunch!). We definitely needed it after walking for a while under the sun!

Before leaving, we walked along the path close to the forest to see the old chapel. Unfortunately they were doing some renovations inside it so we weren't able to enter the building, but it made us realise that there are plenty of walks that you can do around the domaine.

We promised ourselves that we would come back in the Summer with a picnic and blanket in hand to sit around the lake. There's a really long walk to do along the lake too so that will be for next time!

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