Tuesday 13 June 2017

Giveaway - Abstract Paintings Wallpapers

See?! I told you I wasn't going to forget you! As soon as I decided to create wallpaper giveaways whenever the heck I wanted, I felt straight away inspired to create something completely different and abstract. And it felt good to think that I didn't need to rush it so that it's ready for the 1st of the next month... It's the little things right?!

I just wanted to experiment with my brushes and my black paint, and I started to draw different basic shapes on a big sheet of paper. I then went on to scan it, 'cleaned' it in Photoshop and isolated each shape to add a colour overlay on them. And tadaaa! It was quite fun to try and arrange them all together to create a dynamic layout that would work. Plus, I'm really into pink and turquoise hues lately.

I really liked them and thought you might too, so here they are, totally for free as usual!


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