Friday 15 December 2017

A Christmassy Break in Port-Louis

Last Saturday we went to the Christmas market in Port-Louis for a couple of hours and one thing is for sure, it definitely felt more festive than the last one in Poul-Fétan! When we arrived, there was a band playing Christmas songs and when they decided to take a break, we could still hear some nice songs all around the main square thanks to the buvette (the stall where everybody was as that's where they served the drinks!).

There were a few long tents dotted around outside the chapel and we found a lot of very cute homemade products. It was hard not to buy them all! We did splurge on a couple of mini Christmas stockings hand-made by La Boutique Célia (photo above). They were too nice to resist and very reasonable in price. I took a photo of one of them in our tree! It matches the rest of the baubles perfectly :)

We loved the fact that all the small shops made an effort and decorated their windows and shop fronts with loads of garlands, lights and pine branches. It really helped the old streets to feel Christmassy and even though it was cold and grey (only 2°C!) we enjoyed walking around and taking some photos. We also walked all the way to the citadelle and Jason took the camera to snap some photos of me (which is really rare!). You should see some of the 'behind the scenes' photos haha! On many of them I was either making a weird face, closing my eyes, or my legs looked like they were deformed.

We found this stall with homemade jams that are a bit different than the usual jams (photo above) and we bought the prune jaune et eau de vie one that tasted DE.LI.CIOUS! We honestly liked all the jams that we tried so we could have bought more :). The lady making them is called Stéphanie Saliot and everything she does is organic!

We finished our little break with some hot mulled wine and a piece of chocolate cake, with all funds going to the community in Port-Louis. Everybody was super nice and we could see that they all put a lot of effort into organising and putting together this Christmas market. It's a shame it wasn't sunnier as I'm sure more people would have shown up!

We've got one more Christmas market we'd like to go to before Christmas is here so I'll make sure to share it with you all too! This one is supposed to be quite big as it's happening at the Abbaye de Bon Repos (you might have noticed that we love this place already!).

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