Monday 18 December 2017

Coup de Coeur - Alyssa Guerrero

I've discovered this super talented lady through Instagram (check her out!) and I'm so pleased I did. I love everything she does and I'm always looking forward to the next piece of design she's going to share.

Alyssa Guerrero is truly an inspiration for me in terms of her illustrative and lettering skills. She manages to represent a fruit or even a building with only a few lines and honestly, I'm always in awe of people that can do that! Plus, her artworks always have this vintage feel with a lot of texture, which is exactly what I like!

Lately I've been working a lot more digitally for my client projects and Alyssa makes me want to grab my brushes and paint again. If you're digging her art too, you definitely need to have a look at her shop right here. Also, check out her blog to download the 'Just Start Yo' wallpaper!

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