Wednesday 17 January 2018

A walk on the coast of Guidel

Last weekend we took advantage of the fantastic weather to explore a new place around Morbihan, only 30 minutes away from where we live. I say fantastic weather because honestly, it has been so horrible and rainy around here lately that a sunny afternoon was like a miracle ha!

The interesting thing about the coast of Guidel is that it has a beautiful beach that is very popular with surfers, as well as a natural reserve split into two main lakes: Le Grand Loc'h and Le Petit Loc'h really close to the coast. There are plenty of walking paths around the whole area and the views are just breathtaking. More photos below!

We started off with a walk around the Petit Loc'h and I couldn't help but feel like I was back on the coast of North Wales in some places! I can't believe how much the beautiful landscape in Brittany makes me think of North Wales sometimes. We definitely chose the right place to move in France!

We made our way to the beach to watch the crazy surfers braving the freezing cold water before walking along the coast. There were so many of them! You can tell this spot is very popular. We were mostly impressed by the view of the crashing waves on the old military structure though. And that light was just perfect!

We saw a few remaining bunkers and old military buildings along the beach, and there's even a 18th century fortress further away that was originally built to defend the area from English invasion. It certainly gives a different feel to the beach and makes you wonder about all the horrible events that must have happened there.

We really took our time and were stopping here and there to take it all in and snap some photos. It did us really good to just stop for a moment and breathe. With everything that has been going on lalety, we forgot how important it was to just have a break and not feeling bad for not doing anything productive for a while!

Also, I took a photo of that camping sign because there were loads of this type of signs dotted around the area and I found them really pretty and different from the usual boring ones! I particularly liked the colour combo on the one above.

More beautiful landscapes! By the time we finished our walk though, the paths were crammed with families and their dogs having a Sunday stroll so I think we timed it right!

We came back home feeling amazing and we even stopped at the Boulangerie to get a Galette des Rois (we're a bit late for the epiphany but hey, better late than never!). We thought to ourselves that we'll have to come back during Summer to have a dip in the water!

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