Tuesday 9 January 2018

Wallpaper Giveaway - Run With It

First wallpaper giveaway of the year! I wanted this one to be quite special but had no idea what to do. I was back from my holiday slump and had no inspiration at all. Until one day when I was falling asleep, I thought about having warm cream and pink tints in wavy shapes with a dark blue circle and loads of breathing space around. And the idea was born!

I didn't do any sketches this time and went straight on Photoshop. I was basically going with the flow and it felt really good. Hence the title of the wallpaper set! I had an idea and I just ran with it to see where it would take me. The result is very different from what I usually do but I think this is why I like it so much. Hope you do too!

These wallpapers are free as usual but I would just like to remind people that they're only for personal use, thank you :)


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