Thursday 26 April 2018

Portfolio Update - Quinn's Socks

Hey guys! I'm super pleased to share with you one of the latest children's books I've been working on! Quinn's Socks is a cute story about Quinn, a little boy who loves his colourful socks, playing cricket and spending time with his friends. Melita Cyril, the author, wrote the story in rhymes, which adds a fun touch to the book as children can learn the catchy lines by heart quite easily.

I had a lot of fun creating the characters and the various scenes included in the book! I also had the pleasure of creating the whole layout for the book and a bunch of collateral elements Melita needed to promote it. Make sure to have a look on Q for Quinn's website right here to learn more about the project and to buy a copy of the book (and some socks)!

You can also check out my website for more photos of the book :)

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