Tuesday 1 May 2018

The Beautiful Cotswolds

Aaaah the Cotswolds... We were lucky enough to arrive in Bourton-on-the-Water on a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon, after leaving North Wales in the morning. When looking at places to stay in the Cotswolds, we found a lot of people mentioning this area so we didn't think twice about booking our B&B in Bourton-on-the-Water. And we weren't disappointed! It felt a little bit magical to arrive there and after a very long Winter, being able to roam the streets in t-shirts felt absolutely amazing!

Our B&B was really well placed, meaning that we could walk to the town centre no problem, and was really top notch. First, it looked nice inside and outside, and secondly, the room we had felt quite luxurious compared to other rooms we've stayed at before (sometimes in B&Bs that charged the same amount of money!). I should have taken photos of the bathroom because honestly, everything was spotless, with a brand new big shower of dreams. Oh and their breakfast was perfect! I couldn't recommend the Red House East B&B enough if you're planning to explore the Cotswolds.

PS: Can you spot the Capri through the window? ;)

We were only staying one night there as we had to leave for Portsmouth to catch the ferry the day after, but we made sure to do and see as much as we could whilst we were there! It was so lovely outside that we quickly brought our belongings to the room we were staying at and went straight outside, heading for the town centre with its small river and romantic bridges.

We walked around Bourton-on-the-Water, soaking up the sun until it was time to stop for a drink. Jason really enjoyed the local beer and I have the feeling it was just what he needed to relax a bit. Poor Jason had done all the driving (no way I'm driving his Capri) and it had been a tad bit stressful. So this amazing afternoon was like a blessing after the trip in the morning!

With Stow-on-the-Wold only 10mins away, we decided to go and check it out at the end of the day and found another very pretty town with the cutest buildings. It was a bit dead because all the shops were closed and restaurants were having a break before reopening for the evening, but nonetheless a really nice place to walk around and discover.

We came back to Bourton for a delicious meal at the Rose Tree restaurant to finish the day on a high. Jason had the steak and I had the duck and to be honest, just thinking about it now makes me want to go back! It was really good and although it was a bit expensive for us (we usually go for cheaper meals), it was so worth it.

We woke up feeling great on Sunday and were ready for our trip down to Portsmouth! Before leaving though, we stopped at the Roman Villa in Chedworth as it was on our way and we had a bit of time in the morning, and we also stopped for lunch in Cirencester.

The Roman Villa was really interesting but as it started to rain and was alltogether a bit gloomy, I thought I wouldn't share the few photos I'd taken. Same thing for Cirencester! It wouldn't stop raining and although it looked like a really nice town, we unfortunately didn't explore it much and decided to leave quite early.

Everything went well and the Capri did really good on the road, which was a massive relief. Apart from me being pretty ill in the ferry, it all went brilliantly and we arrived on Monday morning in Saint-Malo, with only two hours left to drive to get home. We did it! Now onto the paperwork to get the Capri registered as a French car... Ugh.

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