Saturday 28 July 2018

Birthday weekend in Belle-île-en-Mer

I visited Belle-ile-en-Mer quite a few times when I was a teenager as I was really lucky to have a best friend, Marion, who's family had a small boat which her dad built himself (I say small but really, it was big enough to have quite a few people sleeping in it and it had a proper lounge area which felt very luxurious to me!). We used to go there in the Summer as she had some family still living on the island and I have very fond memories of these trips. I can safely say that these were the good times and I loved every minute of it (although I was always a bit seasick the first day haha).

The island is as beautiful as I remember and Jason and I were lucky enough to visit when the weather was A-MA-ZING. More photos below!

We stayed in Quiberon the night of my birthday and had a loooovely meal at Ty Retro, a great Crêperie in the town centre. I honestly don't remember the last time I ate such a tasty savoury galette!

In the morning, we made sure to wake up early enough to get a quick coffee before getting on the boat. I took a couple of photos of the coast of Quiberon (above), it felt nice and peaceful early in the day with almost nobody around.

It takes 45mins to get to Belle-île by boat and the time went actually quite fast. I'm not great with boats so I felt a little bit rough at the end but the moment I was on the ground I was fine. Can't tell if it's just psychologic?!

My sister's boyfriend got us a Wonderbox voucher for Christmas and we chose to use it for a small meal at the Citadelle Vauban. We were also given the permission to roam around after our meal and it was just perfect. I mean, first, delicious pâtisseries on a terrasse with a view of the sea for breakfast is a great birthday treat, and secondly, being able to then explore this beautiful place for free was the cherry on the cake!

I felt very lucky to be there and enjoy a day off for my birthday with my man. We don't have much and we haven't really been able to travel as much (and as far!) as we've wanted to, but sometimes, you don't need to go very far to have the best of times :)

I forgot how colourful the buildings at the Palais (the port area) were and it was nice to try and remember certain places. Things have changed quite a bit since I was last there but I did remember the green area just after the port with the old fortress walls, and I also remembered instantly that beach when we arrived!

In the afternoon we just wanted to relax so we walked to the nearest beach and stayed there until we had to take the boat back. The water was so clear and it was so stunning that we almost forgot we were in Bretagne ;). We found a spot in the shade and enjoyed hearing some old ladies gathering and gossiping whilst sunbathing. It must be nice to be retired there! Such a nice peaceful place to live in.

We promised ourselves to go back another time to explore more of the rest of the island. Jason couldn't believe that one of the small towns is called "Bangor"! If any of you reading this are considering visiting Bretagne, don't hesitate to spend a day or two in Belle-île-en-Mer :)

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