Thursday 12 July 2018

New Account on Instagram!

Guys! I recently opened a new Instagram account for all my design work instead of mixing it all with my photos on my personal account so if you fancy following it, here's the link RIGHT HERE!

It's now been 2 years that I'm a full-time freelancer and I felt that it was time for me to properly separate my personal photos and my design work. It started to feel quite frustrating mixing them purely because I always felt that my grid wasn't looking right and it was very restrictive in the end. Now I feel totally free to post whatever I want to share without having to worry about the fact that it might clash with the photo next to it :)

Plus, I want people and potential clients out there to really see me as a professional designer that knows what she's doing! My aim is to show a good range of work that really represents my style and the type of work I enjoy creating. This way, if people want to reach out for a collaboration, they'll already have a good idea of what I do and if I'm a good fit for their project.

Anyway, I know I haven't shared much so far but it already feels right to me and every time I open my profile, I'm proud to see all these little snippets and it really is my happy place :)

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