Tuesday 28 August 2018

Our Beloved Port-Louis

Ah Port-Louis... If it's lovely out there and we just want to go for a short walk, Port-Louis is one of the first places we think about. It's beautiful, close to where we live and it has a nice welcoming atmosphere. In the Summer, it's got that chilled vibe with people relaxing on the beach and outside the restaurants and cafés. Every time we've been there, it's been just busy enough to not feel like we're all alone, but never too busy or touristy. Perfect!

We just wandered around the town and its citadelle, and made our way on the beach, where I started to pick up washed up pieces of glass (of course). Jason has actually cleaned an empty bottle of Aberlour whisky for me to properly collect these pieces of glass and keep them in a pretty bottle. Now I just want to fill it up!

It was very windy, and not super hot, but still lovely nonetheless. After our walk, we stopped at the  Dame Blanche café for a cheeky drink. We love that place so much and we always make a point of stopping there when we're in town. The back garden is the type of place that feels very homely and where we could stay forever, sipping a dulcino (café viennois with a sweet and thick sauce at the bottom of the cup) with extra caramel ;)

We're now two weeks away from the wedding guys! I'm going to be a bit quiet here but trust me, I'll have pleeeenty to share when we come back as I'll want to share photos from the wedding, but also from our short holiday week in Bretagne after it. Stay tuned!

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