Friday 28 September 2018

Picturesque Mont St Michel

I could also add "Out of this world, jaw-dropping, unbelievable..." but it would make the title way too long ;). Honestly though, Mont St Michel is just this amazing place that you almost can't believe still exists. The first thing Jason said when he saw it from the bridge is the fact that it looks like it's straight out of a movie set.

I know it can be touristy, but it's bound to be when you know that this type of place is just standing there, on a little island in Normandie (it would possibly be in Bretagne if it wasn't for the Vikings!). You just have to visit it. I would although recommend to avoid July and August as there are just way too many tourists and the streets are very narrow (not to mention the fact that the Mont itself is quite small really!). We went just after our wedding, so around mid-September, and it was just perfect :)

Get ready for loads of photos!

Such a beautiful place! It wasn't my first time there, but I felt like I was discovering it all again because there are so many quirky little streets and corners that sometimes you feel like you're lost in a maze! I kept turning to Jason saying that I didn't remember seeing that street, or this tower, etc. So yeah, plan a whole day there if you want to take the time to explore the whole place and visit the abbey!

You do have to pay 10€ per person to visit the abbey (which is the massive building at the peak of the island) but it's all very worth it! The guided tour doesn't cost extra so we made sure to look at the schedule and arrived just on time for an English one (Jason's French is really good but it's still easier for us both to follow things in English!). It's always a good idea to follow the guided tour purely because you learn so much about the abbey and the history of the Mont, but also because there are no signs around to explain what you're looking at like you'd find in some castles and historical buildings.

Should I mention the fact that I would definitely recommend it?! I hope these photos inspire you and make you want to visit :)

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