Tuesday 9 October 2018

Cancale & Underwater Friends

I'm carrying on with aaaall the photos from the places we've been to after our wedding! Don't worry, I promise I'll share some photos of the wedding too, I'm just waiting for Jason to edit a few of them and my dad still has all the shots from the actual ceremony at the Mairie ;)

Today I'm taking you to Cancale, a beautiful coastal town that is mostly known for its delicious fresh oysters that people can enjoy freshly caught thanks to the stalls found on the edge of the beach (photo above!). We were again super lucky with the sunny weather and enjoyed roaming around the cute streets and shops.

We walked quite a lot and were a bit shattered at the end of the day purely because we decided not to take the car and had to walk all the way back to our Airbnb at the end of the day (not mentioning the fact that we had a bit of shopping to carry with us all the way haha)! It was all worth it though as we felt that we were taking our time and we could finally breathe a bit! It was very relaxing actually. We didn't plan anything that afternoon and just went where we wanted to.

Whilst around the Cancale/St Malo area, we also visited the Great Aquarium as my parents had bought us two tickets, so we couldn't not go! We quite enjoyed it and although it was a bit small, we liked the fact that there were plenty of screens everywhere that really explained what kind of fish or strange animal we were seeing. Very educational! Just thought I'd share my favourite shots below :)

Look out for our next adventure: the fortified town of Saint-Malo!

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