Tuesday 15 March 2016

Spring Escapade in Abersoch

Last Sunday felt a lot like Spring, and the sea was calling us. So we took my little car for a ride to Abersoch, a little bit more than an hour away from our house, on the coast of Llyn Peninsula.

It was surprisingly very quiet as we expected to see a lot more people enjoying the beaches with the sun out, warming up our faces and lighting up our mood. But we felt like we were the only 'tourists' around as wherever we looked, we could see happy local families and couples, most of them walking their dog. And it was just very nice as it was. No fuss, no crowds, just a regular Sunday getting our legs to exercise in the soft sand. 

And you know what, parking was free! Now that's something that we're not used to. Everywhere we go now we always make sure we have some change in our pockets as you can guarantee there'll be a pay & display car park waiting around the corner.

I wish it could stay the same in the Summer but something tells me that it's a lot more touristy during the school holidays. But even then, I think Abersoch is too nice and beautiful to use this as an excuse. I actually can't wait to explore more around this area! Apparently Nefyn and Trefor are lovely too.

Hope these photos brighten up your day if you've just had gloom and rain :)

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