Tuesday 1 March 2016

Giveaway - If traveling was free...

Happy first of March guys! And actually, happy St David's day for my fellow Welsh people (I guess I'm a honorary Welsh person now) :)

February has been great to us (apart from my car deciding to have another issue that cost me an arm!) and even though I would like time to go a little bit slower because of our typical issue 'not enough hours in a day', I actually can't wait for Spring, and warmth. Oh yes, this is all I'm waiting for.

But North Wales is not the best for warmth. Well, let's say that on a typical summer day here, people would wear a t-shirt and shorts, and I would still have my coat on because it's just not warm enough. Now, my favourite remedy is to plan some holidays, anywhere South, where we could explore during the holidays. And this year, for a while we didn't know where to choose (turns out, we're going to Bavaria, whoop whoop!) and whilst we were searching, I came across this quote and it just sounded so right to me. If traveling was free, I would always explore, I would go around the world without worrying and you would never see me again.

So if you're like me and you can't wait for a little bit of traveling, download these wallpapers that I created just for you!


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