Tuesday 26 April 2016

Portfolio Update - Anglesey Beach Guide

It has been a little while since I've shared some work I've done at View Creative, but I was so pleased with this one that I had to make a feature of it!

The Isle of Anglesey's council approached View Creative with the idea of creating a beach guide that would represent the coast of the island in a very practical way. I've worked on all 16 maps whilst my colleague (and partner!) Jason did the layout of the whole brochure as well as the bespoke typography for all the titles. Doesn't it look cool? I was actually really excited to use one of my favourite summery colour palette. Cream, coral, turquoise, a touch of orange... Best combination!

We had a lot of fun preparing the photoshoot on a local beach and I took it so seriously that I made sure my nails were painted with a colour that would go perfectly with the vibe of the guide!

More to come soon :)

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