Friday 15 April 2016

Happy Time

Yep, today it's been exactly 4 years that I'm with Jason, and because I'm cheesy and all, I thought I would show a little something to share how happy I am lately and how lucky I feel to be with this man that makes my life so exciting and full of laughs, craziness and love.

I mean, why not share your happiness to the whole world? It's so easy to express disappointments and angriness on the internet and I think we need more messages of love, kindness and happiness. So here I am, celebrating those last 4 years, knowing that whatever I do next, I'll always have him to support me (big news coming up soon guys!).

And because it's Friday and we haven't eaten enough in the last week (yes, this is sarcastic), we're treating ourselves with a cheeky meal at Pizza Hut and cinema tonight because we're crazy like that.

See you!

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