Friday 22 April 2016

All Aboard!

Happy weekend guys! I couldn't resist but share another day from the coolest time when we had my brother around. It was so great to finally spend some proper time with him! And after the Zip World, we didn't want him to feel like we made no effort for the days ahead so we planned a little trip on an old steam train to Porthmadog.

It started like every other morning: cold and rainy (ha). And then it got worse when we arrived at Blaenau Ffestiniog as we hit a snow storm! My brother was well impressed, we weren't. I mean, what's the point in going on this type of journey if you can't see anything out of the window? We were still excited though as we never experienced it and it turned out to be such a sunny day in the end (phew)!

I have to say, I loved it. Even though we were cold, I kept opening the window to stick the camera out and take some shots of the beautiful surroundings. I think my brother was quite tired on the way back though so it was just nice and quiet, and really relaxing. I would definitely recommend it! Check out the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways website and have a look at the various journeys they offer :)

Right, I'm quite busy at the moment, and I would really like to also share some of my design works on this little blog of mine, but I might share some more photos of the holiday with my brother so sorry in advance for the spamming!

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