Tuesday 20 September 2016

Design by Humans

After the bad experience I had with my collection of scarves at Vida, I wasn't too sure I would ever want to create more items to be sold with my designs. However, when Design by Humans reached out to me, I realised that the type of products they had and the whole feel on their website was much closer to the type of work I love to do. So I started to think about what I would create and the fact that I could design various artworks that would feel like a whole collection when all put together. All of a sudden, it sounded really appealing to me.

It took me a little more than a month to decide if I wanted to share it all with you guys! I've been working on it as a side project for fun and I didn't want to put pressure on myself. I thought, at the end of the day, if I don't feel that it's right I just won't share it and talk about it and that would be it. However, I'm actually really pleased with what I've done and I started to think that it would be a shame to not promote it. If anything, these are some nice artworks to add to my portfolio right?

I was going for cute illustrations (of course), but with a badass feel. I've always wanted to do it but never had the right client for it, so here they are! If everything goes well, I might start adding more, you never know. You can only see a couple of products on the image above so feel free to have a look at my Design by Humans shop.

You'll find some cool phone cases, framed artworks and t-shirts. The only thing that could be annoying is the delivery fee as they're operating in the US. You know what, I'm so careful with my money lately that I haven't even purchased one of my products, ha! The life of a freelancer.

Anyway, hope you like them as much as I do!

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